Full Coverage Face Brush

Suitable for all our powder formulas, the short, tightly packed bristles of this ultra-soft brush effortlessly cut shine & deliver just the right amount of formula for an ultra-polished "HD" finish.

Blush Brush

Luxuriously soft bristles & a rounded brush head make this one of our most popular picks.Those who want blush application with perfect precision.

Foundation Brush

The ultimate brush for a flawless foundation application. This brush is expertly angled & designed to deliver a polished look with full coverage.

Concealer Blending Brush

A professional concealer brush that allows you to apply & blend at the same time. It's the ideal brush for covering undereye circles.

Bronzer Brush

This brush is perfect for use with our popular Illuminating Bronzing Powder & Bronzing Powder. It features luxuriously soft bristles & a more rounded brush head to provide smoother, more even application of bronzer.

Full Coverage Touch Up Brush

This small, tapered version of our Full Coverage Face Brush is perfect for applying, blending and buffing foundation in hard-to-reach areas and concealer under the eyes.

Angled Face Brush

Designed to combine the full-face coverage of our Face Blender Brush with the precision of the smaller Blush Brush, the Angled Face Brush is ideal for highlighting and enhancing.

Face Blender Brush

A great multi-purpose brush that imparts a soft, airbrushed finish to Shimmer Brick as well as creating a seamless finish for

Powder Brush

A luxurious brush designed with a gently tapered, softly bristled head to use with. For anyone who wants to blend powder & mineral foundations seamlessly. It dusts just the right amount of powder on skin for an even & polished, yet natural look.

Lip Brush

Apply your lipstick, stain, or gloss with perfect precision, even when you're on the go.

Conditioning Brush Cleanser

Specifically designed to remove makeup & residue safely without damaging brushes.

Powder Puff

A luxuriously soft powder puff to evenly apply Sheer Finish Loose Powder.